ROLLO TIME is original power pop and melodic rock from the Chicago suburbs.  Their sound is reminiscent of The Beatles, Big Star, Matthew Sweet and Guided By Voices.  Jon Raleigh writes the songs and the band, featuring former members of The Time Beings, The Cereal Killers, Zoot and Colour Huemanity, does the rest.  Rollo Time released their first CD "Rollo Time" in 2007, with a follow up "Victims of the Crown" in 2011.  They have performed in and around Chicago, Liverpool and Los Angeles.  The band is currently recording and releasing the singles for album #3 as they are completed.  Releases during the past couple years have included "Spider In the Hole", "New Block on the Kid", "Rumspringa" and "Who Can I Blame".  

Smart Chicago Power-Pop”

Illinois Entertainer

Just the right amount of guitar crunch and harmonies”


Old school from the New School”

Pop Geek Heaven


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